Cloud driven architecture fit for all services


Cloud technology has changed the way we think about digital architecture. It's goal is to streamlin and simplify common and complex architectural problems at scale. Cloud technology has been one of the key factors to our success in optimizing how we develop, deliver and maintain our work. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon allow us to explore new and existing services that enhance, improve and simplify technical challenges with the support we need to bring these services into a finished product for our clients.


To fully leverage the value of cloud we practise micro-service architecture. This means designing systems to be fault tolerant, scalable and replaceable. We do this by first assessing what the business objectives of a project are. Then we reverse engineer that objective with a technical outcome, from there we look at the available technology and choose solutions that best fit the architectural model with the business objective in mind. 

Technology Used

Mircosoft Azure

Our partnership with Microsoft has a long history, we have always leveraged their support and infrastructure to develop the amazing .NET and other Microsoft products for our clients. Their connected ecosystem is unparalleled and provides us with what we need in the enterprise realm.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services have helped to define what cloud technology looks like, how it should be used and what that means in terms of providing value to the end customers. We have a strong relationship with AWS developing heavily in their ecosystem with the different services and features it has to offer. 

Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun 阿里云)

We use Alibaba cloud (Aliyun 阿里云) to extend our development reach in China, with native services that are specific to the China ecosystem. We leverage their expert help and understanding in infrastructure and scaling problems specific to the China market.

Projects Built With

HKTB: Hong Kong Tourism Board Digital Platforms

Ocean Park: Website Revamp

IHK: Seamless Business Experience Design

Sino: Distinction through Digital Hospitality

HKICPA: Growth Beyond Networking

Wynn: Where AI and Art Speak