Focused interactions through native mobile development


Native applications can provide a level of interaction and usability that even web cannot offer. Our mobile teams champion both iOS and Android software development, ensuring that applications are built to the best in class for each device. For Android we use Kotlin and Java, For iOS we use Swift and Objective-C.

This allows us to create highly focused applications that utilize the best features and performance from mobile phones and tablets. Having a specialization in both we are able to create different experiences that are best fit for both Android and iOS.

For us mobile application provides a level of control, feedback, interaction and animation that is difficult to achieve with web. By removing the extra layer of the browser, we can leverage the devices own capabilities such as file access, camera and push notifications. This provide a fluid experience that is in real time for the user. 



Android and iOS are fundamentally different operating systems designed to get the best out of the various mobile architectures, chipsets and device capability. They both excel at different things, this means that when we develop a solution for both iOS and android there are subtle differences between the two. We understand these differences and leverage the best of both worlds to provide the best user experience on each platform.



Technology Used


We write our native iOS apps in Swift. It provides a more robust framework than Objective-C, that minimizes potential errors before complication and has additional features to ensure type safety for variables. It has benefits in performance, efficiency and readability. Because of all this and more we wouldn't develop our iOS applications any other way and have seen great success using this framework. 


Koltin programming language is a unique framework that was designed specifically to enhance the developer experience in programming, whilst maintaining a performance level and security like Java. It's focus on native applications means we can leverage a rich feature set that helps us speed up the development lifecyle.

Projects Built With

HKTB: Hong Kong Tourism Board Digital Platforms

HKICPA: Growth Beyond Networking

Sino: Distinction through Digital Hospitality