Talent Program

We are always searching for talented people! We want to work with the best people to deliver the highest quality of work. If you feel that you can make an impact on the quality that we deliver we want to hear from you.

We want to see your portfolio, your passion, what makes you tick.

We want to work as a team to win new clients and excite existing ones.

We want to develop your career, skills, knowledge and understanding.

We want to know how we can win awards together, design and innovate.

We want to develop the next generation of digital.

We want you

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Working At Mirum

We are a digital agency with global heartbeat, working at Mirum means that you are part of that heartbeat. Providing your skillset, passion and drive to the work we do, for clients big and small, global and local. You will experience the verity and challenges from clients in every market, which will constantly challenge and develop your skills with each new project.

Collaborative Culture

Teamwork is everything, without it we wouldn’t be able to deliver the complex and challenging projects that we undertake for our clients. We need to collaborate with each team member in different ways, understand and respect their point of view, and help to create new and exciting ways of working that nurtures our collaborate culture.


Agency life is very different from an in-house role, each project and client is different, their challenges and business requirements are so unique and complex we have to constantly train ourselves to learn new ways of working that fit the rapidly changing world of digital. Training is something we believe in strongly, we encourage and provide the tools for you to learn new skills and apply them to the projects that we undertake for our clients.


If you are intrested in an internship with us, you can find out more here

Our Values


We connect ourselves with colleagues, partners, clients and end users. Communication drives opportunities and opportunities open the door to innovation. We stay connected to trends, technology, data and market conditions around the world, this helps us establish a point of view which is relevant and inspiring.


We challenge through discussion and debate. We challenge solutions, constraints and ideas, so we can push the boundaries and move forward with innovative ideas and solutions. We challenge ourselves by being open to making mistakes and learn from them. We challenge each other with honest, open, and impartial conversations.


we change ourselves by taking the initiative to lead our own career progression. We change by motivating ourselves to learn new skills. We take ownership over; projects, process and initiatives that move us forward, so we can reach the goals we set, and we use our own success others to succeed.


We remain curious through being innovative. Innovation is the DNA of Mirum and without it we wouldn’t be the market leader we are today. The ideas we have, form and shape our business, they progress our understanding and connect users through experience. We must hold onto this innovative spirit to drive the business forward and deliver the best work to all our clients.

Your first 3 months

This section will be your guide setting out the expectations and what you should be aiming for in your first 3 months at Mirum. You will learn how Mirum works, what is expected of you and how you contribute as an individual, and as part of a team. Throughout this 3-month period we expect you to learn and embrace the companies 4 cultural pillars of how we approach and deliver our work, applying each value to everything we do.


Understanding how the company works

Each company is different, the processes, workflows and working styles vary based on the unique service offerings of each company. For your first 30 days in the company do take the time to immerse yourself in how, and why we work the way we do. Find out what we offer our clients, understand how we present ourselves and discover why this is important to all of us. You will be expected to learn about the different projects, clients and service offerings that we have, and most importantly how we help our clients to deliver the next generation of user driven experiences through technology.


Contributing to tasks

For the next 30 days your level of involvement with projects, clients and teams will increase. During this period, you will be focusing on contributing your skillsets to those projects, clients and teams that you are now working with. You will be expected to focus on; delivering tasks, learning any new skills, methodologies or process, and help top contribute to the high quality of work that we aim for.


Taking ownership and beyond

By now you will have been integrating yourself with the different teams we have inside Mirum, not only from a department level, but also from a project and client level. You should be familiar at this stage with how things work and how to contribute to the work we do. For the next 30 days you will be expected to look at and embrace the practises, processes and the way we deliver work. Beyond 30 days you will be expected to challenge these practices and process to change the way we work. This will allow us to not only meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern world, but set the bar even higher for the quality of work we can deliver.  

In Hong Kong, you always feel this relentless push to move ahead. If you don’t grow, if you don’t innovate, if you don’t try new ideas, you will put yourself in the past. This is a very high-energy city.

Win Mak

CEO - Greater China Region

Our focus

We build digital solutions big and small, we have jobs in the following areas, however if you feel your skillset is not listed, but you feel you can make a difference we would love to hear from you






Client Managment
Project Managment