Tencel: True Web AR Without an APP


Mirum | Hong Kong |   2020-09-24
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Bring the full potential of AR applications onto the modern web without the need for native mobile apps

The Ask

Lenzing Industrial is the world's leading fibre manufacturer. They have pioneered and defined the process of extracting natural fibres in a sustainable manner, and these fibres are used in clothing made by the biggest fashion brands globally. Lenzing created the brand TENCEL™ that focuses on developing and promoting sustainable eco-friendly fibres that are comfortable to wear, and kind to nature.

They came to us because they wanted to find a top-notch partner in promoting their products to potential customers, by creating an easy-to-use sales kits that highlights what the Tencel brand is about. This had to be in a quick, fun and engaging medium.

The Idea

With the business requirements understood we came up with an easy-to-use, quick and fun Augmented Reality (AR) web application. It promotes sustainability through planting a seed that gradually transforms into a tree. Once the tree has grown you can learn about how  TENCEL™ uses the fibres and engages in eco-friendly practices, as well as connecting with the brand through social channels.

We wanted the campaign to be as accessible as possible with minimal barrier to entry. With modern mobile apps there is always this barrier when we require people to download the apps first. At Mirum, we understand these limitations and found a framework that allowed us to bring the full potential of AR applications onto the modern web without the need for native mobile apps. We utilized the technology offered by 8th Wall to create a web AR version that is accessible on any device capable of using a web browser and camera.


You can view the live application here https://www.tencel.com/tencel-tree/

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