Modern Technology at Scale

Mirum Hong Kong is the centre of excellence for the APAC region. It houses some of the strongest technology capabilities and is led by an award-winning technology and innovation team.

As one of the largest digital networks under the WPP, Mirum Hong Kong enjoys global reach. This combined with our local expertise means we offer a leading comprehensive and industrial digital service that scales from our local market onto the global stage.

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Capabilities Focus

Enterprise Solutions to deliver business solutions at scale

Being an enterprise solutions provider has been the backbone of providing professional services to our clients. Complex requirements that are crucial to our client’s business need the support and functionality of digital solutions right out of the box.

Custom development through open source technology

At the Frontier of modern technology development is the open source community, this community is constantly challenging industrial norms to deliver smarter, faster technology that enhances and improves experience on all levels of engagement.

Focused interactions through native mobile development

Native applications can provide a level of interaction and usability that even web cannot offer. Our mobile teams champion both iOS and Android software development, ensuring that applications are built to the best in class for each device.

Interactive experiences to connect and inspire

Innovation is Mirum’s lifeblood and DNA, we build connected interactive experiences with a user’s journey at the forefront of those interactions.

Continuous development through build tools and processes

To ensure we meet the modern demands for faster delivery, and to improve standards across our development lifecyle we use multiple build tools at all different stages to automate and improve our compilation, integration and testing pipelines.

Cloud driven architecture fit for all services

Cloud technology has changed the way we think about digital architecture, with a goal of streamlining and simplifying common and complex architectural problems at scale.

Secure design through continuous practice

Each web facing project goes through our enterprise grade security solutions provider to ensure that it meets modern web security standards.