Enterprise Solutions to deliver business solutions at scale


Being an enterprise solutions provider has been the backbone of providing professional services to our clients. Complex requirements that are crucial to our client’s business need the support and functionality of digital solutions right out of the box.

Enterprise solutions provide this value by creating all in one software that is designed for complexity globally. We have long standing relationships and projects built with Sitecore, TeamSite (OpenText), Kentico and Magnolia.



Enterprise requires more thought, detail, time, scrutiny and process to meet the high standards of what enterprise technology delivers. Before we settle on a project methodology we must first analyse the business objectives and goals, the requirements and type of technology that needs to be developed. From this we make an informed decision on a methodology that best suites the specific project.



We use PRINCE2 for our large enterprise projects specifically to manage risk and change management effectively. Defining the required roles, responsibilities, parties and risk management early on with good documentation and communication. This is key to ensure that large complex projects are delivered to the highest standards possible.



We use the Waterfall methodology for projects that have a very fixed scope, timeline and definitions that are unlikely to change over time. This creates a great framework to ensure that the definitions and work completed are to a clearly defined specification that answers the business value the solution will provide.



We use the Agile methodology supported by the Scrum framework to progressively develop complex projects that require constant review, scope and design changes to meet the dynamic business changes of a company. This is great for projects where the scope is not 100% defined or may changed due to unknown factors.



Our project managers all aim to hold a project management professional qualification. This prestigious qualification helps them to manage our most complex project to the level of professionalism and quality that is expected of our enterprise clients.


Technology Used


Kentico cloud offers great flexibility that makes it easy to create and push content to the different environments involved in the development and production lifecycle. It has extensive API support that easily allows developers to program quickly and has the flexibility to go outside the box.


Sitecore has been an enterprise household name for a long time and is responsible for some of the world's largest websites. Its features, scalability and customization, make it a leader for large scale complex projects that required scale.

Team Site

TeamSite is a great Java based platform that has everything you would expect from an enterprise solution. It’s focus on content creation and workflows allows users to create complex and important features to suite any business requirement.


Umbraco is our preferred .NET Open Source CMS solution, that also has a cloud enterprise offering. With a strong out of the box feature set and support community, it has been the backbone of our offering in the .NET space.

Projects Built With

HKIA: Website Revamp

HKTB: Hong Kong Tourism Board Digital Platforms