Custom development through open source technology


What sets Mirum apart from other agencies is its ability to be flexible and adapt to requirements, trends and solutions that are continuously evolving in today’s market.

At the Frontier of modern technology development is the open source community, this community is constantly challenging industrial norms to deliver smarter, faster technology that enhances and improves experience on all levels of engagement.

We embrace this movement by choosing software solutions from this community that help us develop targeted solutions that solve business issues and provide direct value to the goals of the clients we serve.



For frontend development we champion frameworks and solutions that decrease our build time and provide a better user experience. Using frameworks like React.JS, Angular.JS and Vue.JS allow us to move fast and challenge modern expectations for a more connected and digitally enhanced experience.   



For the backend we focus on what provides business value, choosing solutions that match the intent and business outcome of the project. We have seen great success with frameworks such as; Laravel, Express.JS /Node.JS, Cockpit and Umbraco. Either as a standalone or in conjunction with other software, we build what works to the best specification possible with the largest toolsets available.



Our methodology for open source technology is more flexible than our enterprise methodology, this gives us the freedom to mix and match the styles and processes for our projects.

Normally we adopt a hybrid approach of both agile and waterfall for the whole process, this is because we have many moving parts from our end-to-end service offering. Some require a waterfall approach and other an agile approach. We typically fit what works best, for each part of the product lifecycle and change it when required. This fluid approach works well with open source frameworks as we have more room, to pick and choose different technology that we can use to build solutions.


Technology Used


Laravel is great open source php framework that is the definition of what MVC is and always will be. It has so many features and functionality out of the box whilst allowing complete freedom to make your own modifications and build it the way you want. This has been key for us in building some of our best applications. 


Cockpit is the first open source fully supported and self-hosted headless CMS that we have come across that not only is an absolute pleasure to use, but ticks all the right boxes for clients with concerns about data privacy and security. The fact we can self-host means we have an unparallel ability to lock down our environments to an enterprise standard, as well as scale the solution as required. This website was built with Cockpit as the back-end headless CMS. 

React JS

We use Recat JS to develop Single Page applications (SPA) to develop truly headless applications that give us the flexibility, speed and scale to operate the next generation of experiences.

Node JS

Server-side Javascript has lowered the barrier to entry for developers wanting to achive a full-stack mindset. It is a great example of how powerful the Open-Source community can be, and the ammount of NPM/Yarn modules mean that anything is possible with NodeJS.


Umbraco is our preferred .NET Open Source CMS solution, that also has a cloud enterprise offering. With a strong out of the box feature set and support community, it has been the backbone of our offering in the .NET space.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a cloud headless solution built in PHP that provides some great features which allow us to develop a basic CMS fast. It has the flexibility to create templates using the twig templating engine which allows for great customization. And it has a fluid user interface that makes it easy for non-technical people to build and preview their content easily.

Projects Built With

Ocean Park: Website Revamp

IHK: Seamless Business Experience Design