IHK: Seamless Business Experience Design


Mirum | Hong Kong |   2018-02-20
Keywords: Web Application | Strategic Project
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With a new design to enhance the brand’s corporate identity and new IA for better user experience, the revamped website created a more seamless way to promote Hong Kong as a preferred business location

The Ask

Driven by the mission to attract and retain foreign direct investments to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business location in Asia, Invest HK works with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinationals that are looking to set up office or expand existing operations within the region.

To keep abreast with the latest digital marketing trends in an increasingly connected world and appeal to digitally-savvy audiences in a future-forward manner, the Invest HK corporate website required a revamp that would improve it as a means of promoting Hong Kong as a preferred business destination.

The Idea

After conducting extensive user experience (UX) research and a comprehensive competitive analysis, we set out to design a new website that could enhance Invest HK’s brand identity and crystallise its core vision, with the underlying goal of increasing conversions among potential international investors.

For its new user interface (UI), we reorganised all of its existing content to enable seamless browsing and included website features that could adapt to serve the local Chinese market. Besides providing quicker access to relevant information and adding more calls-to-action to stimulate quicker responses, we also created practical enablement guides and tools to support visitors further.

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