HKICPA: Growth Beyond Networking


Mirum | Hong Kong |   2019-12-11
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To build a solution that enables HKICPA members to equip themselves to embrace the future of ACCOUNTING PLUS.

The Ask

The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) is the only body authorised by law to register and grant practising certificates to certified public accountants in Hong Kong. It regularly organises events spanning international networking opportunities, professional development seminars, and experience-sharing sessions for the benefit of its members.

In keeping with its core values––professionalism, integrity, expertise, quality, and thought leadership––as well as modern event industry standards in the digital era, we were tasked by HKICPA to create an enhanced member experience that could boost event attendance and participation, simplify the CPD tracking process, as well as improve interaction and engagement in general.

The Idea

To meet HKICPA’s needs, we created a comprehensive user-friendly mobile application that would redefine its member experience by providing customised career assistance. Besides developing the app’s functional aspects by placing its user requirements at the forefront, we also aspired to help HKICPA realise its bigger mission of ‘contributing to and influencing the future of the global profession’ by honing in on the futures of its members.

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning technology, the HKICPA app recommends the right events for professional development by keeping track of every individual member’s interests and preferences. Besides browsing with ease via event categorisations and filtering options, app users are also able to calculate their CPD hours, apply to renew their licences, and connect with others on the relevant social media channels with just a few clicks.

In terms of operations, raised productivity levels will be another by-product of our platform service transformation and AI solution. By relieving the HKICPA event management team of key administrative and organisational tasks, the HKICPA app will enable HKICPA employees to focus on more important matters, fulfil their roles seamlessly, and set new goals for success.

With convenience at its core, the HKICPA app streamlines every event experience for members from start to finish – including enrolment-related matters, mobile payments, on-screen interactions during events (e.g. Q&As), as well as post-event follow-ups for the optimisation of future events. We also made remote attendance and participation possible with the introduction of live online streaming and pay-per-watch services.

As one of its fundamental features, the HKICPA app offers valuable opportunities for interactions and connections beyond an event setting by enabling members to establish relationships anywhere, anytime. Under the notion that time is of the essence, we sought to equip every app user with a simple and practical tool for professional network expansion, community building, and peer-to-peer support on an industry-wide scale.

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