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Estée Lauder

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2020-09-22
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We looked at the story behind the Re-Nutriv Brand to get inspiration to help solve the new businesses challenges that Estee Lauder was facing.

The ask

Telling an emotionally engaging and powerful story behind a product and explaining why it will be beneficial to a consumer takes time. To provide the level of customer care for each individual who comes into a retail store is a challenge, and as the ever-changing global landscape on social distancing becomes the new normal, one-to-one customer care becomes impractical.

We looked at the story behind the Re-Nutriv collection to get inspiration to help solve the new businesses challenges that Estee Lauder was facing.

The Idea

To save time for beauty advisors to increase sales and to improve each customer’s retail experience, we came up with the idea of the Re-Nutriv app. The lift Re-Nutriv app is a digital experience, that allows customers to explore the different products in an engaging way, that also has instant connection to other digital touchpoints. This helps to provide a seamless experience from offline to online that promotes a new way of doing business, through dynamic storytelling.

The app comes with several features:

  1. Product texture quiz based on customers skin type and preference.
  2. Luxury product collections.
  3. A list of ingredients and benefits of each product.
  4. Short clips telling the story behind a product, how it came about and how recherché ingredients are prepared.
  5. “Favorites”- add customer’s desired products to a list to browse over anytime and use as reference to help a customer complete their personalized skincare routine.
  6. A display of pampering services available.

This method of selling products is not only engaging and pleasant, but also informative and seamless. This way, customers always have a clear idea of the products they are interested in and whether it is right for them. With this, we hope to kickstart a long-awaited transformation in retail, and change the way customers engage with brands, products and services.


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