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Wynn Macau

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2019-08-01
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Art Speaks, let the art piece speaks for itself. Now you can learn more about the art by chatting with them.

The Ask

Art Macao was a half-year long initiative in 2019 that brought together renowned Chinese and international artists through various exhibitions and outdoor installations in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Macao Special Administrative Region’s establishment.

To show its support for the initiative, luxury hotel Wynn Macao held an art exhibition entitled ‘Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights’. Curated by Chip Tom from the Heather James Fine Art Galleries, it provided a unique opportunity for the public to take an artistic journey through a selection of incredible masterpieces from around the world. To attract visitors from all walks of life, Wynn Macao required a website that would complement the distinct experience on-ground.

The Idea

Instead of designing a website that focused purely on the details of the exhibition, we wanted to adopt a story-telling approach that would intrigue visitors and simultaneously allow them to ‘spot’ the artwork they were interested in immediately. Serving as a portal of discovery, the website’s user interface (UI) had to be easy to navigate and present important information about all the artwork in a clear manner.

Inspired by Chip Tom’s curation for the exhibition, our design was based on the concept of letting the art speak for itself – ‘Art Speaks’. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we created a virtual tour guide that helped visitors immerse themselves in all the artwork online. By learning about their preferences and recommending the right artwork for them throughout their digital artistic journey, the guide personified the essence of the on-ground experience and engaged visitors in a truly personalised way.

In the two months after Wynn Macao’s website was launched, it received 21,226 page views in total.

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