CSS: Charming the Modern Luxury Shopper

Chow Sang Sang

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2016-10-06
Keywords: Innovation | Mobile App | Interactive Project | Marketing Campaign
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The business solution for a bustling store. Increasing store assistant and efficiency and consumer engagement.

The Ask

Established in 1934, Chow Sang Sang is a jewellery business headquartered in Kowloon with over 200 stores across Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and mainland China. Due to increasing competition and the ever-evolving digital habits of customers today, the company was looking to engage the younger luxury shopper by reinforcing its brand as the best jewellery retailer in the market while maintaining its appeal to the older buyer.


The Idea

After conducting extensive research on its business, we recommended several comprehensive digital solutions that were rooted in innovation and technology to make jewellery shopping at Chow Sang Sang enticing, efficient, and relevant.

To draw the digitally-savvy crowd to its stores, we built a piano-themed installation with which customers could virtually try on the brand’s ring collections. It comprised a sensor that could detect a customer’s fingers and display realistic 3D-rendered rings on them. To browse through other rings, the customer had to flick his/her fingers – making it seem as though he/she was really playing the piano. The installation was enhanced further with piano music in the background.


We also developed the Charme Table, where customers could personalise different bracelet charms and combinations before their creations are realised by staff. The fully functioning touch table was part of a creative initiative that won the gold trophy in the ‘Best Idea–Retail’ category at Spikes Asia.

Utilising the power of technology to transform Chow Sang Sang’s brand image, we created the Charme mobile app to provide shoppers with an alternative means to browse and buy its jewellery. Besides containing customisation tools that leverage on a cloud network and enable staff to tailor-make products for customers wherever the latter may be, the app also allows for jewellery picking and matching, auto price calculations, increased inventory transparency, as well as an improved social media presence through sharing functionalities to help the company broaden its market share.

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