Continuous development through build tools and processes


To ensure we meet the modern demands for faster delivery, and to improve standards across our development lifecyle we use multiple build tools at all different stages to automate and improve our compilation, integration and testing pipelines. For our frontend we leverage gulp and webpack where we can to ensure local development is packaged correctly for integration. For our backend we use Jenkins and Bamboo to execute pipeline builds. For the cloud we use AWS Cloud formation to build infrastructure as a service.

To package our environments to ensure that configuration and deployments remain constant throughout, as well as provide a method for updating and testing configurations in isolation, we use docker to provision and manage setups inside our virtual machines.



CI/CD is almost a methodology itself, but in reality, it’s the process of automation that provides the value to ensure that our technology is delivered faster to a higher standard. Through automation we attain a level of standardization that increase the security and stability of the software. It also allows us to continually test and integrate and re-test to ensure that new features or changes do not negatively impact other parts of the code-base.

Technology Used


For our complex build requirements, we leverage the flexibility that Jenkins has to offer. Being an open source technology, it easily integrates into any cloud or private cloud platform we need to develop on. This has been a great success to us as we take on a wide range of projects with different requirements.  

Atlassian Bamboo

Bamboo is a great build tool that allows us to automate the deployment, testing and migration of code between codebases. we use bamboo regularly on projects to reduce errors, test rigorously and speed up our deployments.


Docker is one of our favourite tools. It has simplified virtualization, allowed us to minimize issues across environments, speed up deployments and keep updates and changes managed from start to end. It is one of the few technologies out there that does exactly what it promises. We use it all the way from development to production.


Atlassian's Bitbucket gives us version control, storage and management features that allow us to build our software across large teams. We started using it over 5 years ago and it has helped us build almost every project since then. 

Projects Built With

Ocean Park: Website Revamp

Sino: Distinction through Digital Hospitality

HKICPA: Growth Beyond Networking