Interactive experiences to connect and inspire


For us innovation is the path of how we develop an outcome or solution. We focus on how we navigate, ideate, develop, re-iterate and produce our digitial offerings. Innovation is Mirum’s lifeblood, its in our DNA. we build connected interactive experiences with a user’s journey at the forefront of those interactions. We combine the different interfaces that we use to enhance how a user connects with software solutions.

Using Unity as a base we explore: Touch, RFID, Voice, Object detection, Virtual/Augment reality, IOT devices, Image recognition and custom hardware solutions. All of this provides a unique experience that connects the user closer to technology than ever before.



Innovation is very important to us, as such we need to maintain an open and flexible approach to how we connect our experiences together. Agile with Kanban has been our go to methodology time and time again, this has helped us deliver amazing experiences that provide value to the end users of whatever application or hardware installation we develop.


Technology Used


Unity is our go-to tool for connected engaging experiences. Over the years we have built so many of our experiences with this platform and seen great success, support and performance. All of this whilst also having one of the largest communities and one of the biggest documentation rich platforms on the web. We are very happy with Unity, all the updates and the future plans to come with this great platform.  



Sometimes we need to go beyond software to give experiences that are truly unique and customized. We use Arduino to develop technology with user input that cannot be replicated. This allows us to go beyond the normal and deliver an engagement that you can't find anywhere else on the market. 

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa smart home device is one of the most used voice enabled experiences in the world. We leverage the open framework provided by the Alexa Skills platform to create custom engaging experiences through voice control. The Alexa Business Suite is a great toolset that allows us to take those experiences to the next level in the business world. 

8th Wall

Breaking through the 8th wall of technology is never easy, but 8th wall has done it. Whilst there is a steady rise in applications, services and experience that leverage AR technology. Popularity in native application has declined. Developing and maintaining native applications, going through the app/google store approval procedures and an ever-increasing population warry of how their phone data is being used means there are serious obstacles users have to go through to experience your technology. 8th wall breaks through this by leveraging web technology on mobile phones and allows anyone to enjoy an experience. They are a great technology provider and we have made some compelling and story driven experience with them. 

Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is the next generational leap in VR technology, although it might not have the same performance as the high-end fixed headsets. The complete wireless experience and hand gesture control has been something we have been wanting since 2017. Now with complete hand tracking and wireless capability we have the freedom and flexibility to take our experiences to the next level. We are excited to see how Oculus upgrades the Quest even more so we can build bigger and better experiences. 


HTC's VIVE is the ground-breaking Virtual Reality headset that put the modern interaction of VR on the map. Their device has defined the next generation of games, applications and experiences that are changing industries across all sectors. We have built several of our key projects in VR with the VIVE and have seen great success in engagement, usability and performance.

Holo Lens

Microsoft Holo Lens has a vision for how we interact with our physical environment. Leveraging AR technology, it aims to provide the future of how we work and change our perspective on the world. We use the Holo Lens to create engaging next generation experiences that focus on business solutions, training and field service work.

Projects Built With

Sony: Activating Playtime through AR

CLP: Powering the Future with VR

CSS: Charming the Modern Luxury Shopper