Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2022-09-09
Keywords: vr-ar-iot | innovation | interactive
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A next-level 'phygital' metaverse experience that was widely accessible, sustainable, and inclusive of the entire CENTRESTAGE community.

The Ask

CENTRESTAGE, Asia's premier annual fashion event orgainized by HKTDC, showcases innovations in fashion design, sustainability, craftsmanship and retail experiences. The vibrant and dynamic platform was looking for a next-level transformative experience accessible for both their on-site audiences and their off-site community to participate in.

The Idea

Based on the event’s focus on business innovation and transformation, we developed and custom-built CENTREVERSE in Microsoft’s AltSpaceVR platform. Honing in on CENTRESTAGE's core objectives and incorporating fashion with technology, we created a new 'phygital' metaverse experience that was widely accessible, sustainable and inclusive of the entire CENTRESTAGE community. Participants could enter CENTREVERSE from anywhere through VR headsets such as the Quest 2 and participate in the Meta-event as if they were physically present.

We also developed custom event MREs (Mixed Reality Extensions) so that users could choose digital fashion items to adorn their avatars, enabling each participant to imbue their individuality and style to their CENTRESTAGE presence.

The CENTREVERSE hype brought increased media coverage of CENTRESTAGE 2022 compared to CENTRESTAGE 2021, with news headlines in various regional and local media outlets across business and lifestyle decks. The on-site multiverse experience booth also brought about engagement with 500+ booth visitors throughout the 3-day event.

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