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Mirum | Hong Kong |   2019-12-20
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Having the lift and learn experience also helps the storytelling of products by activating when a user interacts with them

We have multiple touch tables in our innovation centre, these touch tables serve as a great retail interaction to enhance the in-store customer experience. All our touch tables have different hardware elements that allow for interaction. On some models we have capacitive multi-touch capability that allows for users to directly interact with. On other models we have special cameras inside the table that can read QR like codes, this allows for item interaction with products who have the codes attached to a flat base of the product.

Either model can be used as direct interaction, as part of a lift and learn experience or as a combination of both. This provides greater engagement and helps to boost customer interaction which ultimately leads to better conversions. Having the lift and learn experience also helps the storytelling of products by activating when a user interacts with them, this interaction displays additional information, promotion or context to the specific item.

One of our best use cases is for Chow Sang Sang, we built a fully function touch table that allowed users to build their own bracelets. Chow Sang San came to us with a problem. Their shop staff were spending a lot of time with building custom bracelets for their customers, the building process happens in a secure location so that expensive gold pieces aren’t left exposed on the shop floor. This meant that other customers are left waiting and potential sales may have been lost. They asked us to come up with a better way to allow for users to digitally select what they wanted before the staff would make it. We built a charm table that allowed customers to pre-build the charm bracelet with all the different colour combinations and pieces that were available, this way the customization and finalization could happen before staff members went to build the final products.

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