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Mirum | Hong Kong |   2017-05-01
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In conjunction with Microsoft Kinect We have produced applications for follow along sports programs and jewelry try on AR experiences.

Designed for the next generation of retail sales, the magic mirror combines the best technological products, AR (augmented reality) visualisation and interactive touch capability. The magic mirror works for a variety of different retail and health environments.

The magic mirror has touch screen capability allowing users to interact with it. We have also added our own image recognition software to detect specific gestures and items that allow the mirror to be used for a range of applications. In conjunction with Microsoft Kinect, we produced applications to follow the user's movement for sports workout routines, as well as jewellery try on AR experiences.

The magic mirror can be configured to have partial mirror display with computer overlay that allows customers in store to virtually try on products, plus get additional information and context about those items. It can also be used in full overlay mode that hides the mirror functionality, making it easily adaptable to any retail environment and requirements.


Paul Wong Mirum Hong Kong

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Paul has 15 years’ experience in interactive and emerging technology. With his strong sense on technology driven solutions, he uses innovative and emerging technology as the catalyst to achieve core business goals. He has worked on projects from clients including HSBC, HKIA, HKJC, DLHK, CLP, VTC, Swire, The Peninsula Hotels and many more.

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