Jasons: Transforming the Supermarket Shopping Experience

Jasons Supermarket

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2018-02-02
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More than 10,000 QR codes were downloaded from the wall in the first two weeks and customers enjoyed an immersive supermarket shopping experience.

The Ask

Market Place by Jasons is a high-end supermarket chain in Hong Kong that offers a unique combination of local and international foods, produce, and merchandise in a comfortable and contemporary environment. It is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages customers to discover new products and transform their shopping experience.

Due to the proliferation of digital supermarkets and delivery sites in an increasingly competitive market today, it required a creative and effective way to gain more awareness and exposure for its supermarkets, while leading higher foot traffic to each location.

The Idea

To increase the supermarkets’ visibility and help the brand build better relationships with its customers––both regular and new––we installed a giant interactive video wall that could capture customer interactions and display intuitive animations as a result.

QR codes with offers/discounts would appear for customers to download from the wall onto their smartphones and redeem upon checking out with their purchases at the counter. The animations and offers/discounts would change throughout the day and during festive seasons like Halloween, Christmas, and Chinese New Year.

In the first two weeks of the wall being installed, more than 10,000 QR codes were downloaded from the wall, and customers were able to enjoy a truly immersive supermarket shopping experience – connecting further with the brand. Market Place by Jasons also received extensive media coverage (i.e.$13mil in advertising value) within the first week of the campaign, with 50% of the coverage stemming from the wall.

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