Fusion Bank: The future of financial services

Fusion Bank

Mirum | Hong Kong |   2021-04-09
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Use the surrounding environment to place, expand and rotate products to get an immersive view

The Ask

Fusion bank reached out to us to utilize the best in AR and smart glass technology, they wanted to project a vision of how we will use these emerging technologies in the future. The ask was to integrate this technology as part of the banks’ new experience centre that would help promote their vision and promote the new evolution of financial services.

The latest and greatest in AR technology on the market as of 2020 is Microsoft’s latest flagship device the Holo Lens 2. This has a wider viewing angle, battery life, more powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon processor and is more comfortable to wear than their first generation. We jumped at the chance to get hold of these cutting-edge devices to create a future projection of the power of AR in the future.

The Idea

We wanted to create a payment application that would allow users to browse products and services in augmented reality. Users could interact and explore with products and services that they wanted to view. Then using gesture control offered natively by the Holo lens 2, users were able to use the surrounding environment to place objects, make selections and expand or rotate products. All of this allows users to get an immersive view that can help to drive excitement and make informed decisions about purchases.

The application was part of a larger experience where users were given a virtual currency to explore the different interactions that were located around the experience centre. Users could use this virtual currency with a payment gateway that we had created that would eventually visualize how the user had been spending their virtual money and make recommendations on financial solutions that might be best for them.

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