The Mirum Lab is the powerhouse that leads our creative innovative direction. It is driven by our passionate team specialising in innovative technology and UX practices. Our process starts by bringing together a team of skilled specialists, ranging from Experience Designers, Visual Designers, Technologists and Strategists. Next we work closely with our clients' Business Owners and Product Owners. This enables us to define the problem statements and identify values with business senses. Finally we work on a solution that answers and elevates our clients' needs through the required offering - be it Web, Mobile, Innovative or Customised solution.
We do this with our Design thinking methodology


At Mirum we embrace the essence of Design Thinking that has evolved over time to be a more refined and direct process. This helps us create and reframe our work in the best possible way based on what’s happening around us. To understand what Design Thinking is in its simplest form, Design Thinking is learning by doing. This means that every day we explore new ideas, concepts, teachings, technologies and news from around the globe. By doing this we create new experiences and designs that are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing needs and demands of businesses.