Interactive Design

Our Experience Design isn’t just limited to Website and Mobile apps, but spans across other digital touch-points in more innovative areas. This includes interactive solutions such as; Interactive Projection, Motion Tracking, Magic Mirrors, Touch Tables, Wall or Shape Mapping and other innovative interactive initiatives. All of these aim to engage with the users and trigger a positive emotional response that helps to drive a business product or solution.



Interaction design is a 4-step process

Step 1 is to increase awareness to a Brand through communications. This invovles understanding how a brand is perceived by their end customers, what are the talking points around their products/services and how these are are taken into consideration to help raise awarness.

Step 2 is to Interact through digital interactions, specfically looking at the available technologies and how they can be used to connect with the end consumers.

Step 3 is to Delight by providing different experiences that stimulate the diffrent senses, rewarding users for noticing and Interacting with the brand.

Step 4 is to promote through Campaigns and Initiatives, this looks at delivering an emotionally engaging story to end consumers.

Using this process we follow the end users through their entire interactive engagement journey and ensure that they are connecting, communicating and interacting with the brand/products/services every step of the way.