Business Experience

BX or Business Experience is one of the core areas that we focus on within the Experience Design umbrella. It aims to help resolve or mitigate pressures and inefficiencies to help provide effective business solutions.
We do this by understanding the needs of the users, business, technology and constraints. This helps us define and highlight the strengths and weaknesses that we should be focusing on, with the goal of discovering innovative business solutions.



This is a typical illustration summarising the Sweet Spot where we aim for and the considerations that attribute to building a better User Experience, by taking into account Business requirements, User needs, Technical possibilities and constraints.




Showcase : Invest HK

InvestHK wanted to revamp its Digital Ecosystem by revamping its website and implementing a brand new mobile app. Mirum won the bid and went through a series of UX activities to define the requirements for the solutions.


Stakeholder Requirement Gathering


We provided the following services:

- Research-based personas and journey maps
- Requirement Gathering workshops for different stakeholders
- Interview with InvestHK’s customers.
- Site Audit with competitor analysis
- Design and workflow mapping