Customer Experience

At Mirum we are naturally curious about the end users. This curiosity investigates how a customer interacts with diffrent touch-points and experiences across the digital and physical world, from Websites to Mobile Apps, Wayfinding Kiosks and even traditional experiences such as standing in a que. This takes into consideration the internal process and business of our clients. We look at assumptions of how they operate and use the insights we form to enhance the end customers experience. 

So, what is the Customer Experience and how does that differ or relate to User Experience Design? Typically a customer will not immediately visit your website or download your app. They would have Seen, Heard or Touched materials relating to your company.

What the Customer Experience discipline takes into account is the whole spectrum of touch-points your potential customers will be interacting with, focussing more on how the user behaves and thinks. Taking these insights helps us craft the most effective solution to reach, communicate with and allow end users to interact with the content. This allows the client and brand to have a more meaningful and targeted engagement with their customers.

This helps the needs from both consumer and enterprise, bringing people and the company closer together. The intended outcome would create: an elevated awareness, increased product/service understanding, provide clear visibility of offering and create a tangible value proposition.


Customer Experience vs User Experience?

Customer Experience is a broader viewpoint in the customer touchpoints and journey with a strong connection to user behaviour and their decision making processes as illustrated below:



User and customer experience are directly linked, they share the same lens of focusing on experiences that people engage and interact with. Customer experience is the larger group of interactions that looks at brand and image of product and company, whereas user experience focuses deeply on how an individual interacts with an element of a brand, product or service.